I had noodles thrown at me while I was at work….ah-yup. It’s always fun seeing a 26 year-old throw a tantrum. Especially when I’m not involved.

Annoyed comment, sorry….but military woman? Stop getting pregnant and thinking it’s the only solution you have to fix your problems. I have no respect for you…because that’s a cop out and a future life in your hands. That is not something you take lightly…ever.


Whenever I get sad about my anatomy I look at Rob Liefeld’s art and that cheers me up.


Procrastination: the moment when a lot of important things in my life come up at once and I’m all like ‘NOPE! I’m just gonna roll around in this blanket on my bed!’


Omg, who has seen these adorable little comic strips of Ash writing letters to his father by Mare Odomo? http://mareodomo.com/index.php?/comics/letters-to-an-absent-father/
I’m so in love with these <3

Survey Meme?

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Why did you follow me?: Because I loved your stories. I still do honestly!

Pick one: Books/Movies/Video Games: Honestly, video games. I don’t watch a lot of movies anyroad…and giving up fanfiction would suck…but video games.

A song you’re really addicted to right now: ‘Everything Is Awesome!’ - Lego Movie

Favorite school subject: Um….right now? I’d like astrology, history, and language.

Favorite pizza topping/s: Anything….as long as I like to eat it.

Country you’d like to visit the most: European, African, or South American countries. I’ve been all over the States and Asian countries. I need something new.

Any pets?: None personally, but I was adopted by a dog and a cat when I went home.

Religious views: I’m Jewish. Granted, Judaism is new for me so there’s a lot I don’t know about, but I’m eager and very excited.

What are you fighting for in this world?: My own place…? My dreams…my hopes…

What would you buy if you have $10,000?: I’d save it. Yup. I’m lame.

Do you believe nothing good happens after 2 AM?: Um….no. I have good stuff happen all the time.
I’m too ADHD to want to tag anyone…so tag yourselves? Same questions!!

Feeling more confident each and every day. My equipment just broke…and I’m troubleshooting it. Alone with Mr. Slusher( yes, that is his real last name.).

And he encourages me! No ‘oh well, you’re retarded because you’ve never looked up work packages in a tech manual’ or ‘hahaha. right. you? fix this? naaaah!’.

I’m honestly so happy I could cry. This is the first time in almost 3 years I’ve felt like what I am. A technician. And I’m loving the hands on! Opening up a system and touching circuit cards, resistors, capacitors, transformers…? I feel so at home!

I will fix this….it will be my pride. It’ll give me the moral boost to go to this next command and be able to say ‘i got this’, because trust, I’ll be fixing a lot more there than I am here…it’ll drop from 50 + ICmen to about 8. I will have to fix everything.


When in doubt, throw it out! Don’t keep any habits, actions, words.etc attached to you if they make others feel bad!


Does Classpect confuse you? The endless series of titles and ranks, charting some unfathomable system that is wondrously complex, terribly complex, but overall just seems way too important to the story for something Hussie doesn’t seem willing to explain? Well good news! Under the tutelage of my friend and mentor bladekindEyewear, I have the learned the basics, and through spending way too much time thinking and writing about the classes and aspects, I have come up with working definitions and ideas behind them! So read on, and look at a few very well defended and defined ideas and theories behind them all.

This system was primarily developed by Homestuck, so reading the comic would be a great asset in understanding it, but by no means should a study be limited to fans of the comic. It would be very interesting to see a non-Homestuck get into the system.

It’s all under the cut. Questions, additions, theories, criticisms, compliments, and gifts are all well appreciated. Especially the gifts. But be warned: there are approximately 9,000 words here, and you are getting yourself into something big.

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Supposed to be in bed….but I talked myself into the idea that going to get food at Chili’s was a smart idea….now I’m just kinda sitting here, half awake and barely comprehenable….these ribs better be worth it.

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